The ESGFIRE portfolio generally has a lot higher risk than any dividend portfolio would have. However, since 2018 this strategy has earned us returns of over 1100 %. Our strategy is to find high potential and undervalued cleantech companies that all have the potential of giving 10 X returns on our initial investment. We advocate that people who follow this strategy , once they reach their financial goal, first then systematically move their funds into dividend stocks to be able to live off the returns. We aim to launch an ESGFIRE dividend portfolio to provide our readers with a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dividend investing which usually includes supporting a lot of companies with poor ESG ratings such as tobacco and oil & gas companies. The ESGFIRE method is usually directed towards long term investing. We therefore do not, normally, trade within our positions. With our FIRE calculator you can check how long it would take you to reach your FIRE goals or simply use our interest calculator to see how compounded interest can work in your favor.

We are not financial advisors and investing in stocks is always associated with certain risks, it is possible to lose your entire investment.

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