Company: Fusion Fuel Green PLC
Ticker: $HTOO
Market cap: $ 93,5 MUSD at time of publication
Share price: $ 8,78 USD  at time of publication
Industry: Green hydrogen using solar energy
Comparable peers: Green hydrogen systems, Next hydrogen, Aker Clean hydrogen, Hydrogenpro

ESGFIRE comment: 

Our readers who followed us is up by 52 % in our green hydrogen stock pick of Fusion Fuel Green PLC so far in 2022.  The following qoute on today’s press release (May 19th 2022) gives us even more confidence in the company’s potential: “Fusion Fuel, which has significant operations in Portugal, Spain and Ireland, has developed a solar-to-hydrogen generator which can produce green hydrogen using only solar energy. At the heart of its technology is a proprietary miniaturized PEM electrolyzer, which recovers waste heat from the integrated solar concentration process to improve efficiency by reducing the energy required to split water. The company has built a pipeline of over 2.4 GW of green hydrogen projects that spans opportunities across Europe, MENA and Australia. Fusion Fuel was identified in the Portuguese National Hydrogen Strategy as a company of strategic importance involved in the development and production of green hydrogen-related technologies.”

The company closed 2021 with a cash balance of $7.7m and $27.5m of short-term investments
with daily liquidity, the first quarter report of 2022 will be released on may 26th .

Link to full press release:

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