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Company: Absolicon Ticker: $ABSL LIST: Spotlight Sweden MCAP: $33 MUSD at time of publication Share price: 136 SEK = 16 USD at time of publication Industry: solar thermal heating/ district heating Market size: $223 billion$ by 2026 Bullside Target: 400 SEK[1] [1] A crucial fact often neglected by investors and decision makers  globally is that

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Major news update for Cielo waste solutions

Cielo Waste Solutions Ticker: CMC.CN / CWSFF Listings: Canadian Securitites Exchange / US OTC Website: Market Cap: 340 MCAD at time of posting Share price: 0.99 CAD at time of posting Our biggest portfolio holding Cielo Waste Solutions today (3/3 2021) announced that they have acquired an interest FREE loan of 10 million CAD which

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Company: Environmental waste international Ticker: $EWS Listing :TSXV MCAP: 47 M$ Business: Tyre and waste recycling through reverse polymerization TAM Market size: 158 billion $ Comparable peer : Scandinavian Enviro systems $SES Upside to peer evaluation: 429 % Website: Stock price at time of writing: 0.24 CAD Upcoming catalysts: -EWS is currently working on a number of

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Massive opportunity in the school bus ev sector

Company: Blue Bird Corp Business: School bus manufacturing Ticker symbol: BLBD Listing: Nasdaq USA Market cap: 720 Million USD Share price: 26,55 USD Turnover: 879 Million USD in 2020 Website: Company introduction: Blue Bird Corp (BLBD) is the leading school bus manufacturer in the US that has developed an electric vehicle solution already available for large

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