Company: Aduro Clean Technologies
Listings:CSE, OCTQB, FSE
Tickers: ACT, ACTHF, 9D50
Market cap at time of publication: 29 $ MCAD / 23 MUSD
Stock price at time of publication: $0.60 CAD / 0.47 USD
Business: Plastic recycling, bitumen upgrading, Renewable diesel & Aviation fuel
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SARNIA, Ontario, June 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. (“Aduro” or the “Company”) (CSE: ACT) (OTCQB: ACTHF) (FSE: 9D50), a Canadian developer of patented water-based technologies to chemically recycle plastics, and to transform heavy crude and renewable oils into new-era resources and higher-value fuels, will present the Hydrochemolytic™ Technology (HCT) Platform and its novel approach to processing heavy oils and plastics upcycling at two upcoming conferences in June 2022. At each event, Aduro will present to a technical audience and host meetings at their exhibition booth.


Global Energy Show
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
June 7-9, 2022
Exhibition Booth 1305
Speaker: Gene Cammack, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Cammack’s presentation, “Hydrochemolytic Processing at Low Temperatures: A New Way of Processing Heavy Oils,” will center around a study on partial upgrading of heavy bituminous oils. The talk will explain how the Aduro HCT offers a unique and promising approach to upgrading heavy oils. New data for the process will be featured, along with information showing how HCT can be used to upcycle post-use polyethylene and other plastics to produce high-value hydrocarbon feedstocks.

As North America’s leading energy event, the Global Energy Show is the largest B2B exhibition and conference of its type, engaging with industry buyers and sellers, stakeholders and partners, CEOs, and young professionals together to share knowledge and fuel innovation in the ever-changing energy landscape.

Petrochem Canada Conference
Saria, Ontario, Canada
June 21-22, 2022
Exhibition Booth 153
Speaker: Birendra Adhikari, Technology Development Scientist

Mr. Adhikari will present “Hydrochemolysis: An Innovative and Highly Effective Methodology for Heavy Oil Upgrading and Plastics Upcycling”.

HCT was developed by Aduro and it is a novel and versatile chemical platform for converting lower-value, higher-molecular-weight materials into higher-value feedstocks or products. Two leading applications include heavy oil upgrading and chemical recycling of plastics. In the case of asphaltenes in heavy oil, the overall reduction of viscosity and increase in API gravity means reduction or elimination of the diluents typically required for pipeline transport.

And when HCT is applied to chain-growth polymers such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene, possible products include platform chemicals, or naphtha-weight hydrocarbons suitable as ethylene cracker feedstock, each produced without the extensive post-processing typically required of pyrolysis oils. Innovation is needed to reduce petrochemical manufacturing impacts on climate change. Unlocking the value of carbon embedded in plastics and bringing them into circularity is a key issue Aduro aims to address.

PetroChem Canada brings together petrochemical, chemical, emerging biochemical manufacturers—together with their supply chain, academia, R&D and multiple levels of government personnel—to discuss the challenges of developing Canada’s downstream sector and exploring unique opportunities. The 2022 conference theme is centred around these questions:   What is Canada’s role in fighting climate change and how does petrochemical manufacturing fit into that challenge? As the world moves towards ending the use of single use plastics, can the industry be sustainable and profitable in a circular economy?

About Aduro Clean Technologies

Aduro Clean Technologies is a developer of patented water-based technologies to chemically recycle waste plastics; convert heavy crude and bitumen into lighter, more valuable oil; and transform renewable oils into higher-value fuels or renewable chemicals. The Company’s Hydrochemolytic™ technology activates unique properties of water in a chemistry platform that operates at relatively low temperatures and cost, a game-changing approach that converts low-value feedstocks into 21st-century resources. With funding and support from Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, the company has developed a pre-pilot reactor system to upgrade heavy petroleum into lighter oil.

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