Company: Fusion Fuel Green PLC
Ticker: $HTOO
Market cap: $ 38,7 MUSD at time of publication
Share price: $ 3,48 USD  at time of publication
ESGFIRE average price: 5 USD
Industry: Green hydrogen using solar energy
Comparable peers: Green hydrogen systems, Next hydrogen, Aker Clean hydrogen, Hydrogenpro

ESGFIRE comment:

Due to a high risk of dilutive financing for Fusion Fuel ESGFIRE has chosen to temporarily exit our position in Fusion Fuel until the financing situation has become more clear for the company.

We still think the company has great products and a bright future but we believe there is a substantial risk that the company will need external financing before the end of the first quarter of 2023. Seeing as the company’s market cap and stock price has already taken a hit for the worst being down 40 % in the last year we think any type of equity financing is likely to have to be made on harsh terms and to disadvantage to current shareholders. 

We will keep our readers updated on the development and when/if we choose to re enter a position in the company.


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