Portfolio update April 2022

Best monthly performers:

Hydrogenpro – Up 25,6 %
Earthrenew– Up 21 %

Worst monthly performers:

Vicinity Motor corp – Down 19 %
Char Technologies – Down 19 %

Current ESGFIRE positions with Monthly performance for April 2022.

Absolicon – Down 7,7 %
Position size of portfolio: 10.6%
Market comment:
Absolicon received an oversubscription of 124 % which adds 10 MUSD to the cash position of Absolicon which means the company should be fully funded for atleast 12 months and possibly longer depending on required investments.The company is still expecting between 2-3 framework agreements to materialize into actual sales before end of june 2022 which would equal sales of 15-20 MUSD.  Absolicon have signed in total 18 framework agreements and totals a sales pipeline exceeding $120 MUSD. We are waiting for the first framework agreement to materialize which alone should produce one off revenues of 4-5 MUSD and recurrent revenue of 3-4 MUSD annually. We expect even more massive interest for Absolicon’s solutions following the European Union ambitions to speed up its energy dependance of Russian fossile fuels.

Aduro Clean Technologies – Down 7 %
Position size of portfolio: 3,8 %
Market Comment:
Aduro is moving closer and closer to commercial phase with no real appreciation from the market as of right now. The company has during April closed a successfull and oversubscribed private placement which adds gross proceeds of C$2,352,666, which exceeded the previously announced funding target of C$2 million. Aduro also during April announced the hiring of engineering firm Rally which we have written a previous post about and can be found on Aduro’s corporate page on our website.

Char Technologies – Down 19 %
Position size of portfolio: 4,3 %
Market comment:
Char Technologies recently finished a private placement which gave them gross proceeds of C $4,894,881. The company’s stock has gone down on no negative news the last few months, this downward spiral is likely to a change of sentiment for growth stocks.  Char has a sales pipeline of about 100 MUSD and it should become to materialize into sharp deals within a not too distant future. We think a lot is happening behind the scenes and would not be surprised if big news materialized soon.

Desert Control – Up 3,7 %.
Position size of portfolio: 10,9 %
Market Comment:
Desert Control is constantly adding new team members for their growth which we view as a great sign. Desert control is now in commercial stage! On March 23rd they announced they had completed the deployment of the first liquid Nano clay treatment for american soil in a validation study with the University of Arizona. Large parts of the United States have issues with desertification and are in desperate need of the products which Desert Control offer since they can restore soil and reduce water usage. The company also announced that they have now entered commercial stage in the Middle East and launching validation initiatives in the United States. We are satisfied with the latest development of this unique ESGFIRE portfolio company.The company is gaining more and more news as fertilizer prices are exploding upwards and the need for alternative methods are being sourced globally.

Earthrenew –Up 21 %
Position size of portfolio: 9,2 %
Market comment:
Earthrenew has impressed us with great financials and also the launch of their new processing facility Beiseker.  Fundamentals are very sound with increasing revenues. Projected to have revenues of 25 MCAD for 2022 and 100 MCAD for 2023! The stock is currently up 89 % this year after reaching all time lows in January of 0.16 CAD per share. Patience in investing is a virtue which this development clearly shows.

Lion E-mobility – Up 9 %
Position size of portfolio: 4 %
Market comment:
The company recently impressed us with a HUGE order for 2022 that was 48 million euro in size, much larger than their current market cap. The current harsh climate for micro caps is clearly visible since the big order was not permanently reflected in a higher share price. Lion E mobility recently announced an impressive battery cooperation which should generate revenues. The company is keeping shareholders regularly updated with investor events which we find reassuring.

Vicinity Motor Corp – Down 19 %
Position size of portfolio: 2.6 %
Market comment:
Vicinity Motors is getting punished by the market heavily despite good news of new distributors. Vicinity Motors shocked the market with a capital raise lately that sent the stock down with more than 26 % on a single trading day in March. We think this event was a mix of overreaction and punishment for the management’s decision not to let current shareholders participate in the financing. However The company recently received analyst coverage from Catalyst research and Spartan capital indicating 15-32 CAD as a price target constituting 350-750 % upside from current levels. We see a huge upside in the stock for patient investors as proven in the example of Earthrenew.

Biofrigas – Down 13,6 %
Position size of portfolio: 2,6 %
Market comment:
We have changed our options into common stock in Biofrigas. Our conviction remains as the company has their validation completed and should look to begin sales processing shortly. Should benefit enormously by the recent big push for biogas made by the European Union. We are however a bit discontent with the slow development of the company’s revenues and hope to see a change in this shortly for us to keep the company in our portfolio.

Leading Edge Materials Corp – Down 14 %
Position size of portfolio: 6 %
Market comment:
We hope to soon see some revenue generating news as the company is about to start production in one of their projects which should prove to be a major positive catalyst. Since mining company Beowulf mining in Sweden recently were approved for their Iron Ore mine in Kalla this should have positive spinoff effects for other mining companies such as Leading Edge Materials with a more positive governmental attitude for new mining projects in Sweden. The company also should have some short term catalyst coming up within the next few months.

Hydrogenpro – Up 25,6 %
Position size of portfolio: 6,2 %
Market comment:
Hydrogenpro continues to impress us with new orders. On April 19th they announced an order exceeding 3 MUSD for electrolyzers from Mitsubishi heavy industries.
It’s also worth mentioning that the initial order of 50 MUSD from Mitsubishi power Americas has now been converted into an actual purchase order which is the largest of its kind for electolyzer systems ever. The stock however , in our opinion, is even more undervalued at current levels with this order which proves their concept is working than when it was trading at around 12 NOK. Conviction is high for us with this position as Hydrogenpro aim to deliver hydrogen at a cost of 1,2 USD per kilo in 2022.

Envirometal – Down 20 %
Position size of portfolio: 4,8%
Market comment:
EnviroMetal Technologies Inc. is developing and commercializing economic and environmentally sustainable metal recovery technologies for applications in the primary and secondary metal industries. EnviroMetal extracts precious metals from ores, concentrates and E-Waste by deploying its proprietary non-cyanide, water-based and neutral pH treatment process. Extensive analysis by ESGFIRE is coming shortly!

Chargepanel – Up 2 %
Position size of portfolio: 4 %
Market comment:
Chargepanel announced a cooperation with Transtema on the 1st of April which means over 500 charging stations will be added to Chargepanels Enterprise service by end of 2022. ChargePanel specializes in the management, operation and usage of Electric Vehicle Charge Points. They provide adaptable solutions for charge point owners, resellers and organizations. Chargepanel was an IPO case of ESGFIRE that began tradingon 9th of December 2021. Has come down a bit since its initial 100 % run up after the IPO.

Fusion Fuel – Up 4,7 %
Position size of portfolio: 6,8 %
Market comment:
There are many interesting projects which we think could give positive catalysts for this stock in the coming months.
FUSION-FUEL’s mission is to provide the world with innovative green hydrogen solutions that accelerate the transformation of the global energy sector and enable the sustainable reduction of carbon emissions.FUSION-FUEL has developed a revolutionary new electrolyzer design – the HEVO – that will allow them to produce hydrogen using renewable  energy at highly competitive costs without any associated carbon emissions. FUSION-FUEL’s team has a long history in the solar energy industry and in developing concentrated photovoltaic technology.

Compleo Charging Solutions – Down 14 %
Position Size of portfolio: 6,4 %
Market comment:
Compleo Charging solutions has so far not announced any problems with supply chain issues due to covid lockdowns in China and we hope that this will remain the case however it’s a risk that needs to be considered as it could slow down revenue growth.
Compleo manufactures high-grade charging stations and prove solutions for electromobility.They are active in several European markets including Great Britain and Germany. They offer AC and DC charging points and wallboxes that comply with calibration law for energy suppliers and operators.Compleo enables electromobility with high-grade charging stations coupled with comprehensive charging infrastructure know-how. Major companies, operators and energy supply companies throughout Europe depend upon AC and DC charging points from Compleo.  They are expecting to deliver 150-160 MEURO in sales for 2022. The company is growing fast both organically and through acquisition. The company recently stated they aim to turnover half a billion Euro by 2025. More can be read under the Compleo corporate page.
IPO positions
We have a number of positions in unlisted companies which we anticipate will go public through initial public offerings within the next 6-12 months.

Evanesce packaging solutions
Website: https://evanesce.com/
Size of portfolio: 6,8 %
As a sustainable technology innovator,Evansesce is revolutionizing sustainable packaging with 100% compostable and affordable plant-based solutions.
IPO Status:
Likely going public in the second quarter of 2022 on one of the Canadian stock exchanges.
Expected returns: Current estimate is that the round our community invested in will return somewhere between 10-15 X our original investment.

Position size of portfolio: 9.2 %
The vision of Captico2 is to be the world leading in offering high impact Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage technologies (CCUS). Captico2 can capture mineralize and transform carbon dioxide into a valuable and sellable commodity in less than 60 seconds. The company aims to pre-sell 10 full scale units in 2022 creating potential revenues of 160 million EUR.
IPO status:
Likely going public either in Norway or Nasdaq within 12 months.

Ola Media
Website: https://www.olamedia.mx/
Position size of portfolio: 1,8 %
OLA MEDIA is a network of interactive touch screens located exclusively in the backseat of Ubers. By leveraging innovative technologies and captivating spaces, they help brands create engaging experiences with a high value audience.
IPO status:
Likely going public during the second quarter of 2022 at either Canadian exchanges or NASDAQ.
Expected returns :We expect our community to materialize somewhere around 400-500 % returns on the investment round on which we made our original investment.


Website: https://alchemynano.com/en/
About: .
Alchemy is developing innovative nanocoating solutions to the challenges faced by many industries. Their coatings are designed to repel water, dirt, and ice while maintaining the high transparency, mechanical durability, and weatherability specifications for advanced sensor systems used in harsh environments. The company has a deal with the Canadian army.
IPO status: Most likely going public by end of Q2 or beginning of Q3 of 2022.

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