Company : Captico2
Sector: Carbon capture and storage
Carbon capture storage unique in their ability to mineralize and turn Co2 into a commercial product
IPO time table:
12-18 months on Euronext merkur Norway or SPAC via Nasdaq US
Peers: Aker Carbon Capture,Bergen Carbon capture, Co2 Capsol

As reported on January 4th ESGFIRE decided to invest 10 % of our portfolio into the Carbon Capture and storage company Captico2. Since then the company is finalizing the construction of the reactor for their TRL 7 testing which will be done in Poland. Picture below shows parts of the CO2 mineralization reactor. 

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We are also proud to announce that Captico2 are included in the technical report named “STATE OF THE ART: CCS TECHNOLOGIES IN 2022”, a technical report published by the Global CCS Institute.

You will find CAPTICO2 under the category “FULL VALUE CHAIN” on page 126.

If you are interested in CCS technologies, the entire report is very well written and it will give you a valuable insight in the companies that we believe will contribute to save the planet.


Finally we can also happily report that Captico2 is about to close their fully subscribed 10 MUSD financing round which will bring aboard two highly prominent investment firms, names to be released once finalized.


Captico2 has however , as many other technology & ESG companies been struck a big blow to their valuation which in january 2022 was 50 MUSD. However as ESGFIRE negotiated very favorable terms for all our subscribers we can happily report that all who has joined so far will be compensated as if they had invested into the current valuation which is 15 MEUR. This means that everyone who participated in this financing at the valuation of 50 MUSD will be given extra shares, minus the ones already received, so that your investment equals as if you had invested on a valuation of 15 MEUR.


For anyone interested in investing in Captico2 there is a window open this week (ending may 22nd) should anyone wish to invest more or if we have new sucscribers who want to invest. These may contact us directly through to receive the latest investor presentation from the company . Note that this is a non public investment , you will most likely not be able to sell or liquidate your investment before the IPO which is planned for in 12-18 months. ESGFIRE is NOT an investment advisor or have any other formal role in the share issue.

Using a P/E multiple of 20 and basing this on the potential net profit for only the first 10 units ordered by the companys polish partners, subject to a successfull TRL7 testing, we see a potential upside of 13 X our investment from this favorable valuation. 1 unit costs around 16 million Euros. The net profit is likely to land between 10-10 %, in our example above we have only used 10 % as our metric number. The company is sure to land more than just one order ahead of their IPO as long as their TRL7 testing goes according to plans.


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