Company name: Captico2
Sector: Carbon capture and storage
Carbon capture storage unique in their ability to mineralize and turn Co2 into a commercial product
IPO time table:
8-12 months on Euronext merkur Norway or SPAC at Nasdaq US

ESGFIRE has decided to invest 10 % of our portfolio into the PRE IPO of Captico2 
. We have been looking for a carbon capture storage company to invest in for over 2 years but have , until now, not found something worth our interest. The current financing round is 10 million EUR and the proceeds are intended to fund the company’s technology going from the current technology readiness level (TRL) 6 to stage 7. After this is done (expected completion mid 2022), the company has an agreement of an order for 10 units worth 160 MEUR with a pre payment of 35 % from their partner ENEA. Carbon Capture is currently the hottest segment in ESG investing which is why we are so excited about this opportunity to get in early.

The current pre-money valuation of Captico2 is 50 million EUR. The forecast Valuation is 200 mEUR by 2H-2022, 400 mEUR by 2H-2023 and 1,000 mEUR by 2H2024 .

Here are some publicly listed market comparables in the carbon capture storage but none of these are able to capture,store and mineralize CO2 into a commercial product like Captico2:

Co2Capsol – Market cap 128 MEUR
Bergen Carbon Solutions – Market cap 182 MEUR
Aker Carbon Capture – 1600 MEUR

The current financing round also has VERY favorable terms negotiated which state that any investor participating in this round ( 10 million EUR) will be compensated in the unlikely event should there be any raise at a lower evaluation moving forward . The company plans to raise an additional 20 MEUR this spring at a higher evaluation
Captico2 currently has discussions with some very big private equity companies and also some large insurance companies, these might fill the entire current financing round so time is of the essence in this investment case.The normal ticket size is 100 000 EURbut for ESGFIRE subscribers the minimum is set at 20 000 EUR .

ESGFIRE has invested 10 % of its entire portfolio into this company, and that means a lot since I usually only invest 2,5 % of our total portfolio in any given company. We think (this is not financial advice) this investment could return anywhere from 300-1000 % until their planned IPO depending on which IPO path they take.

The different exit options are: Listing on the Euronext, Commercial buyout or SPAC IPO at Nasdaq in the United States.

To receive the full investor presentation and subscription agreement email us at :

If you wish to meet with management let us know and we can set up a meeting for you.

Please note this is a PRE IPO and therefore it carries a higher risk as the shares are NOT currently traded on any trading platforms.


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