Company: Aduro Clean Technologies
Tickers: ACT, ACTHF, 95DO
Market cap at time of publication:34 $ MCAD / 27 MUSD
Stock price at time of publication: $0.69 CAD / 0.54 USD USD
Business: Plastic recycling, bitumen upgrading, Renewable diesel & Aviation fuel
Comparable Peers 
Purecycle  $PCT
Clean Energy fuels $CLNE
Agilyx  $AGLX

ESGFIRE comment:
We are pleased to see that Aduro has secured a well renowned engineering firm that
will help them to bring their patented Hydrochemolytic plastics recycling technology
into a larger scale. This partnership will enable Aduro to deliver on their commitment
to bringing their disruptive technology to the market in time. Aduro is building “a
strong network of specialized engineering teams with advanced experiences and
cutting-edge know-how to accelerate the path to commercialization”. Aduro is
moving from clarity to clarity in order to commercialize their technology in a safe and
professional way!

Full press release link: Aduro Engages Rally for Specialized Engineering and Construction Management (

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