Fellow readers, investors in the stock market are facing a harsh reality these days with rising inflation, rising interest rates and supply chain problems in China due to COVID-19 lockdowns.
Many stock indexes are down between 10-20 % so far this year however the ESGFIRE portfolio has held up very well in these conditions and is in clear positive territory.

One thing that will still be a threat to humanity and worldwide GDP growth is climate change. Climate action AND investments in cleantech will still be needed regardless of rising inflation, rising interest rates or other disturbances. We believe that ESG/Cleantech investments will continue to outperform all comparable indexes and we also think our own ESGFIRE portfolio has a good diversification and risk tolerance. It should as always however be noted that our portfolio is of higher risk than most others since we focus on growth companies in early stages. Read our full portfolio allocation on our website on the portfolio section. Remember time in the market almost always beats trying to time the market.


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