Fellow readers, today Europeans woke up to a status of war on a scale which we have not seen since World War Two.
Russia has unprovoked and illegaly invaded Ukraine and as we are writing this the actions of war are unfolding quickly.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ukrainian people and we can only hope that the worlds response will be swift, united and strong against the cowardly Russian acts of war.

We want to provide our readers with a market update on how we are acting in the market since we know that many people may be feeling panic and distress right now. European indexes are almost all down about 5 %. In comparison and perhaps comfort however the Russian stock index is at the time of this publication down 32 % intraday and close to 50 % year to date.

Historically it has proven profitable to buy the invasion dip. We have below attached a picture to illustrate a few historical events. The Russian economy is about as big as the nordic countries combined and besides energy commodities Russia has very little trade with the outside world.There is however a risk that higher energy prices can affect European growth. We do however beleive that this can benefit many of our portfolio companies such as Absolicon, Biofrigas,Leading Edge Materials and Char Technologies to name a few.

We have not sold any stocks in our positions , in fact we have purchased more shares in the following companies today with the cash postion we amassed in november of 2021:

Compleo Charging
Leading Edge Materials

Finally we would like to summarise that we think these acts of war may put central banks on hold with raising interest rates for some time. It would be very unwise to continue to raise interest rates in these highly uncertain times.  It is in times like this that fortunes are made or lost and panic has never created fortunes.

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