Company: Newlox Gold Ventures Corp
Listings : Canadian Securities Exchange, Frankfurt, US OTC
Tickers: LUX , NGO, NWLXF
Market cap at time of publication: $ 29 MCAD
Stock price at time of publication: $0.215 CAD
Business: Environmentally friendly and socially responsible gold mining
Market Size: US$180bn

ESGFIRE comment: We are please to read that Newlox Gold is progressing with their Oragnic Aqua Regia technology from lab to in-field development testing. If all goes according to plan this could prove to become a valuable revenue stream for Newlox Gold moving forward.

Vancouver, BC, 17 February 2022 – Newlox Gold Ventures Corp. (“Newlox” or the “Company”) (CSE: LUX  Frankfurt/Stuttgart: NGO | PINK: NWLXF) is pleased to announce he start of in-field testing of its novel non-toxic gold recovery technology, designated Organic Aqua Regia (OAR). This initial round of in-field testing builds upon excellent results received from Stage 1 laboratory testing.  Gold dissolution exceeded 99% efficacy in Stage 1 and Stage 2 laboratory testing is ongoing.

A shipment of OAR reagents from a US-based manufacturer was recently received by the Company’s operations team in Costa Rica. This large-volume shipment will be sufficient to support both ongoing research at the Company’s in-field laboratory, as well as expanded testing beyond the lab at the processing plant.

The Company is most encouraged by results to date and is continuing to investigate the use of OAR technology as a non-toxic and water-free alternative to cyanidation for the recovery of gold, silver, and other precious metals. The multiple outstanding advantages of OAR include that it is non-toxic, recyclable, extracts gold faster than cyanide, does not use water, and recovers gold with neither carbon nor electrowinning.

A Message from Ryan Jackson, President & CEO:

“Newlox Gold’s OAR technology is poised to deliver the next milestone in recovery technology for the resource industry. While there has been some technological progress in our industry, recent advancement has been incremental.

The last major improvement in gold recovery technology was the shift away from mercury amalgamation, which is both inefficient and has significant negative environmental and health outcomes, to cyanide leaching, which is very effective and, if done correctly, is safe and does not result in environmental damage.

Cyanide leaching represents the best currently available technology and is therefore used by nearly all responsible mining companies at present. However, cyanide leaching requires large volumes of water, has a terrible public relations problem and, if handled improperly, can be dangerous for staff.

We believe that OAR will be the next major step forward for the precious metals industry. The technology appears to be an ideal solution to a variety of metallurgical conditions and is highly effective at gold dissolution, much like cyanide. However, OAR is non-toxic and is an anhydrous reagent which means it does not require the input of fresh water.

Water use is a major topic in the resource industry, especially in arid climates where mining competes with agriculture and residential use for fresh water. Additionally, not requiring water means there are no water effluent disposal problems, a huge benefit for the industry.

The initiation of in-field testing is a major milestone for the Newlox Gold R&D division. We are most enthusiastic to begin testing OAR technology in Costa Rica.”

About Newlox Gold Ventures Corp.

Newlox has identified a niche within the extractive industry where a clean-technology company can apply innovative processing techniques to not only recover precious metals but also affect positive change in the environmental and social landscape in its targeted jurisdictions of operations.

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